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Planning a trip? Here is how one client travels with her metabolic balance plan. A number of people feel like they need to be at home to follow their individualized metabolic balance meal plan. Beth thinks otherwise. I have asked her to give us her secrets for traveling well.

I’ve been on the metabolic eating plan with Myra as my coach for more than eight months now. I travel extensively, Road tripping and otherwise. When I have my car, I take a kit with spices, teas, salt and pepper, and via coffees from Starbucks, a ceramic mug, and other things. I take a small crockpot, 1.5 or 2 qt. and the broth packets that are metabolic approved. I also take a sharp knife and a flexible cutting board that fits inside my file box kit so I can slice up fruit and veggies and make grab bags. I take baggies. I put napkins, paper plates and bowls in this kit. When I’m ready to go, I grab the plastic file box in the bag with my crockpot and a water filter pitcher and a steamer for heating water and soups.

I have a really cool little refrigerator that fits behind the driver seat in my car which I can plug-in in the car and also in a hotel. It keeps food cold for four hours if you stop somewhere and get out of the car. It also is good to have in motels that don’t have refrigerators. These are my staples. I can find a store anywhere, pick up a chicken breast or some lamb or pork tenderloin, all of which on my plan, and vegetables to go with. I stick that in the crockpot in the morning with about a cup or two of water with some broth powder. By the time my art or writing workshop is done by the end of the day, I have a beautiful meal.

Beth Grimm
Yes, it does take some planning ahead of time, but it is definitely worth it! If I’m traveling by car, I often make oatmeal ahead of time and other dishes which I put in microwavable dishware and freeze, and then have good food and I reach my destination and get into a place that has a refrigerator and microwave. I have been all over the United States, and even to Asilomar in Monterey where the conditions are somewhat rustic. It’s all good!  ~ Beth Grimm, Metabolic Balancer

If I am taking the class on site where I am staying, I go in mid afternoon and add vegetables to the pot, and then I have soup or meat and vegetables for dinner, along with the spices, which taste better than almost any restaurant meal and doesn’t require sitting in a long time waiting for food. I like going out as well. My favorite thing is to get a Caesar salad with grilled chicken or shrimp on it. I often take my little bottles of flax oil and balsamic or some dressing I made which are also in my kit, or mix a little flax oil with the dressing on the side they give me, and really enjoy the salad and the group experience. Two weeks ago I went to Charleston to hang out with my kids for a week in a vacation rental that had a kitchen. I shipped a small crockpot which I get on Amazon for $10 and some microwavable dishes that have lids so I could save food in the refrigerator and make my own salad.

I usually travel with a box of Finn crisps which are on my plan. In this case, I left the items that were shipped with my son and daughter-in-law because they could use them. By sending them ahead through Amazon, it was about a $20 purchase that worked well for me in Charleston. I have been all over the United States, and even Asilomar in Monterey where the conditions are somewhat rustic. Being prepared ensures good food and continuing to feel healthy on this plan.


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