Metabolic Balance Telecare Coaching Subscription

New for 2023 I am offering Metabolic Balance Telecare Coaching Subscription The perfect solution for clients who want consistent support for their Metabolic Balance program. Myra’s Metabolic Balance Telecare Subscription service is just $100; save up to $40 a month on regular coaching sessions. Services Include Up to four 20-minute online consultations a month Private…

Celebrating Unexpected Balance with metabolic balanceⓇ

Velda has been on an individualized meal plan from metabolic balanceⓇ for 3 months, and is celebrating unexpected balance from metabolic balanceⓇ

OMG, Ghee is Good! 

OMG, Ghee is Good! Ghee has Omega-3 fatty acids; 179mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per cup. According to Ayurvedic medicine ghee is very important for its digestive properties.

This is the best I’ve eaten in my whole life!

Jennie wanted to share some of her favorite meals on her metabolic balance® meal plan so far. She told me that, “This is the best I’ve eaten in my whole life!” 

whipped ricotta

Super Easy Whipped Ricotta Cheese

A favorite recipe for super easy whipped ricotta.

mushrooms and tomatoes

Discover the Adventure of Mushrooms – Part 1

Mushrooms are mysterious creatures to some of us.   When a client expresses disdain over including them in a Metabolic Balance recipe, I completely understand!  There they are: little brown odd-looking caps and stems that have a dusty feel, grow in damp shadowy places and are called, “Fungi”.  Often however, after becoming more familiar with the…

Lucky the Cat

Anchovies – Catch of the Week

Anchovies!   How exciting to read in an email that the catch-of-the-week was anchovies. Anchovies are on my meal plan metabolic balance meal plan.

Recipe for Rutabaga and Carrot Mash

Satisfied client submits her favorite breakfast recipe, rutabega carrot mash topped with ricotta cheese.

making good choices

Life is About Making Good Choices

I woke up this morning and realized I had not done Tai Chi or Qigong for a while so that’s the way I started out my day. That led me to good choices the rest of the day. For lunch, I steamed some beats and made myself a goat cheese – strawberry – Romain lettuce…

Traveling with Metabolic Balance

Planning a trip? Here is how one client travels with her metabolic balance plan. A number of people feel like they need to be at home to follow their individualized metabolic balance meal plan. Beth thinks otherwise. I have asked her to give us her secrets for traveling well. I’ve been on the metabolic eating…


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