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Metabolic balance® is an individualized meal plan that is in line with the latest food trends. A meal plan encouraging the freshest whole foods, not processed or packaged. This is truly gourmet, artisan, handcrafted, small-batch cooking that is all your own.


One thing clients are looking for are recipes they can use on their plan. Here are over 150 recipes cataloged all in one place. Mostly from Metabolic Balance USA blog site, a few from my blog and other places. Most of these recipes are suitable for the relaxed Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4. Substitutions can be made for the strict Phase 2 or to meet the requirements of an individual plan. Ask any metabolic balance coach how. Soon you will be making your own, and when you do, let me know. I would be happy to post them!

I want to thank coaches Kara Sorensen and Caroleah Johnson for their help in gathering all the links.

Recipes Just for Phase 2
Recipes for Beans/Legumes
Recipes for Cheeses
Dessert Recipes on Metabolic Balance Vancouver.
Recipes for Eggs
Recipes for Fish & Seafood
Recipes for Fruit
Recipes for Meats
Recipes for Protein Mushrooms
Recipes for Poultry
Recipes for Mixed Seeds & Almonds
Recipes for Sprouts
Recipes for Tofu
Recipes for Vegetables
Recipes using Yogurt
Monday Recipes
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Quark cheeseCHEESES

A surprising number of cheeses are part of the metabolic balance® program from Camembert to pepper jack to goat brie. Cheese on any one plan may come from goat, sheep, or cow milk. The type and variety of cheese on any one plan is determined by a person’s individual chemistry. Remember a meal plan is only the starting place for your metabolic balance journey. A meal plan has the best foods to help you balance your metabolism. Once balanced, you are expected to enjoy all foods and determine the best for you based on your own inner signals.

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Eggs are important and most plans suggest a surprising number of eggs per week. For example, my plan has up to 6 eggs a week. Eggs are versatile and can be prepared a variety of ways. Soon you will find your own recipes. Whole eggs are the perfect protein because they have equal amounts of all the amino acids. For the best eggs, choose organic, free range, or pastured.

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The names and varieties of fish and sea food vary across the country for region to region. If a name of a fish sounds strange, check at the fish counter. Try to find fish that is in the same family that is on your list for Phase 2.

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Mushrooms are so important to our immune system. They can protect us from radiation and help improve Vitamin D levels.

Mushroom In the summer of 2004, mycologist Paul Stamets discovered that the level of vitamin D in freshly picked, indoor- grown shiitake mushrooms rose from 110 IU (international units) to an astonishing 46,000 IU per 100 grams when the mushrooms were placed outdoors in the sun for just six hours with the gills facing up (when the gills were facing down, the level rose to 10,900 IU).

This means that eating just one gram of sun-treated shiitake – about one tenth of one mushroom – would give you 460 IU, close to the FDA’s recommended daily dose of 400 IU, and about a quarter of Dr. Weil’s recommended 2,000 IU. In his book, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, Stamets concluded, “(In) populations where vitamin D is seriously deficient, sun-exposed dried mushrooms can help address a serious health issue.” (source)

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Many people are not familiar with sprouts. They are easy to grow and are a full of nutrition. They are a special treat and can be added to any dish. Metabolic balance had uses two categories of sprouts on their plans. Sprouts as vegetables and sprouts as protein. Either way they are delicious. It is always best to blanch sprouts before eating. Here is an article about how to grow sprouts.

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Many people have not used tofu much. Here is an article to help: How to Use Tofu in Cooking.

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  • Every Monday there is a new recipe that is posted to the Metabolic Balance® USA blog site. If you miss the post, you can search the Metabolic Balance® USA blog site for the Monday recipe posts by copying and pasting the following string into any broswer: Monday
    Note, the Monday recipes may need to be adapted to conform with Phase 2. If in doubt, ask your coach.


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Metabolic balance® is not a standardized diet plan, but rather a holistic approach to putting your body’s metabolism into a healthy balance and reaching your ideal body weight.

Insulin, the pancreatic hormone, plays a central role in this process. It “opens the doors” to our body’s cells, allowing blood sugar to enter and supply the body with energy. Being overweight has a strong effect on the delicate balance between blood sugar and insulin levels and is thus the root of many common illnesses and disorders.

Healthy nutrition, as recommended by metabolic balance®, will stabilize your body’s insulin level, maintain the natural feeling of fullness after a meal and balance your body’s metabolism. The cornerstone of metabolic balance® program is a personalized nutritional “road map” based on your body’s bio-chemistry. If you are interested in finding out more about metabolic balance®. Sign up for monthly news & tips. Contact Myra for more information. You can also visit MetabolicBalanceCalifornia.

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