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About My Homeopathy Practice

I was drawn to homeopathy because of health problems. From early childhood I was plagued with allergies and chronic sinus infections. By the time I was in college, I was dependent on several prescription medications – and told that I always would be. But I wanted to be a cultural anthropologist. I knew that I couldn’t live the life I dreamed of if I remained dependent on pharmaceuticals. And so I began seeking out alternative forms of medication.

It took me a while to find homeopathy, but once I did I was amazed by the results and how well homeopathy worked. Within weeks, I was off of most of my medications and on the road to vastly improved health.

I also saw the ways homeopathic remedies helped my mother. After my father passed away, she was in very poor health and not expected to live more than a year. I took her to see my homeopath, and within six months she was off of almost all of her medications – and she lived for another five years, in good enough health to move from assisted to independent living.

In loving memory of Mary Packard Nissen Feb 28, 1928-Dec 4, 2004

My mother’s story inspired me to become a homeopath, and in 2006 I earned my Homeopathic Certification from the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy, San Francisco, one of the most established homeopathic training programs in North America. I was awarded the title CCH, (Certification in Classical Homeopathy), from the Council for Homeopathic Certification in recognition of meeting and exceeding a standard of excellence held by the homeopathic profession in North America. Having this status allowed me to became a Registered Member of the North American Society of Homeopaths and use the prestigious title RSHom(NA).

As I began my practice I looked for other natural tools to help my clients that are compatible with homeopathy:

  • metabolic balance®, a whole foods-based approach to healing & weight management;
  • Gemmotherapy, plant stem cell tinctures;
  • Dr. Schuessler's Biochemisty Remedies, known as cell salts or tissue salts;
  • Anthroposophic remedies; and,
  • certain supplements & herbs.
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Homeopathy works for me – and I look forward to watching it work for you, too!

Note: Myra Nissen is not a physician, she is a nationally certified classical homeopath and may practice in California under sections 2053.5 & 2053.6 of CA Business and Professions Codes.