Imagine What Life Could Be Like

Time_for_contemplation_2983302382IMAGINE WHAT LIFE COULD BE LIKE

• Imagine being in good health.
• Imagine life without stress, free from pain and cravings.
• Imagine a life where you are not driven by a list of tasks, and you are not ruled by anxiety or fear.
• Imagine a life where your focus is not on food, you enjoy food; where you feel content and satisfied.


What if I were to tell you that you have all this right now. You have the capacity to feel free from anxiety, stress, illness, or pain. It is all there within you. All the time.

It starts with creating optimal health. It is a process of discovering and maintaining the balance between the many parts of life – personal wellness, work, parenting, partnership, home maintenance, play, healthy eating, community and extended family, and establishing a nurturing a connection with the natural world.


Join Amy Erez and me for an introduction to Balanced Living. We are hosting a teleconference Saturday, June 27 from 3-4pm, PDT. Our gift to you is this opportunity for a virtual taste of the Balanced Living program. Here is how to join us.

Balanced Living is a program bringing together the best of The Sugi Way of Living and Metabolic Balance to help you discover the inner resources we all have inside us. We teach you how to access the underlying obstacles that interfere when you make attempts at meaningful change. You will recognize the resources to feel in balance, contented, and satisfied.


The Sugi WayTM of Living gives you the tools and allows you the permission to listen deeply to your inner wisdom and make choices about your life based on that knowledge. No matter what your experience is; pain, stress, anxiety, worry, or cravings. It starts with nurturing from the inside. The foods we eat influence the way we feel. Knowing the correct foods to eat is an individual matter, this is where metabolic balance can help.

The metabolic balance program is a customized program using your personal chemistry and whole foods to balance the metabolism. This concept integrates beautifully with today’s awareness about eating local, eating organic and in season. It is dynamic and changes with a person’s individual healing response to the program.

The program begins with a gentle non-fasting cleanse. There are multiple options for how to do the cleanse. The cleanse is important because it helps normalize the bowel flora, which is very important for having healthy digestion, and it removes residues that can cause feelings of hunger and cravings.

A longer detox, achieved through eating from your individual food list, continues for two weeks. During this part of the experience, there can be cleansing reactions like mood fluctuations, lowered energy, dry skin, false feelings of hunger, or longing for favorite foods not on the plan. All of these are temporary and the Balanced Living Program will give you the tools to identify these reactions and reduce or eliminate them. In some cases, the cleansing response can be felt for up to four weeks. Once this phase is complete, the program expands and continues to support a deeper integration of healthy eating into your daily life based on individual needs.

During our group meetings, we will transform our belief systems and the way we view our bodies. During the Balanced Living program, we will bring the fun back into your relationship with food.

Amy Erez on Metabolic Balance and the Sugi Way.

Amy Erez, Sugi Way mentor, and I will be offering you a virtual taste of the Balanced Living program in a teleconference Saturday, June 27 from 3-4pm, PST.  Here is how to join us.


I thought Metabolic Balance would make meal preparation more chaotic for me. I find that the opposite is true. Even when I make my meals separate from the rest of the family’s, doing Metabolic Balance has allowed me to eat the right foods and at the right times. Before Metabolic Balance, I felt the stress of sugar crashes and frantically needing to find food to eat for the purpose of feeling better at inconvenient times. Now I have a whole 5 uninterrupted hours between meals without feeling the discomfort of sugar crashes! This makes meal preparation calm and more enjoyable!
~ J.D., Vallejo, CA
After just 6 weeks on metabolic balance, my naturopath said my inflammation markers are normal.
~ J.D.H., Benicia, CA

Find out more about the balanced living program.

Myra Nissen Homeopath Metabolic Balance Coach

Myra Nissen, CCH

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