Over Coming Stress

Exercise in the Rain

Solitude. Rain is the best excuse for staying home with a good book or to finally binge watch that Netflix show or maybe try that new recipe.  You might even get a few of those fix it projects done around the house.


Imagine What Life Could Be Like

I thought Metabolic Balance would make meal preparation more chaotic for me. I find that the opposite is true. Now meal is preparation calm & more enjoyable!


Guided Visualization to Realign Yourself

Guided imagery will help you to ground and center, quiet your mind, calm your breathing, clear your energetic space and realign yourself with what’s important.

wild caught salmon meal

Eat Clean for the Holidays 3 Ways: No Longer Available

There is still time to reach 2014 health goals! Forget powdered, pills, canned or artificial diet solutions. Enjoy Real Food: : Artisan Bistro, ALCAT, Metabolic Balance


9 Steps to Protect Your Identity During the Holidays

Identity theft is a problem any time of the year. But while consumers are focused on giving during the holidays, crooks are focused on taking. Here are some ideas to protect yourself and your family.