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Homeopathy bladder incontinence

Safety of Homeoprophylaxis or Homeopathic Immunizations

The two major concerns people have about homeoprophylaxis is the effectiveness and safety. This article addresses the safety of homeoprophylaxis and safety of homeopathic vaccinations.


2018 Metabolic Balance Challenge

Challenge: The 6% in 6 weeks Transformation If you are honest you thought already about your new year’s resolution. It has crossed your mind, that you should eat healthier  and cleaner. Maybe you decided already to lose some pounds. We want to initiate the idea – already before the Holidays – to join us for…


New Year’s Resolution 2018 – Portrait of Health

MANIFEST YOUR DESTINY Your New Year’s Resolution for 2018 may be to  achieve better health. A storyboard is always one way to pave the way to stay on track to achieve your goals. Combine a storyboard with a journal where you can expand on your goals and develop strategies or keep track of tools to…


Live Aware Expo 2017: Presentation Measles

I was honored to be invited to present at the 2017 Live Aware Expo Healthy Living in a Toxic World about home care for measles.


Eye, Movement, Structure Connection a WAPF Chapter Meeting

Why do we experience body pain? When we shorten and tighten our muscles for movement, when we grip to stand up and when we do repetitive movements our muscles don’t get enough oxygen and blood through them. This is the main cause of muscle pain and often we actually wear out our joints. Come hear…