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2017 Challenge: Give Back By Losing ~ Metabolic Balance

For a limited time, while following your metabolic balance® nutrition plan, you can join our 2017 New Year’s Challenge titled, “Give Back by Losing”. Earn $1 for every pound lost, plus a matching $1 donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.


The Homeopathic Consultation: What to Expect

The Homeopathic Consultation Essential to effective homeopathic treatment is the information that you, the client, provide to the homeopath. The homeopathic interview involves extensive questioning and listening by the homeopath, not just a few quick questions. To prepare yourself for the consultation, please review the information below. Preparing For Your Visit: What To Bring Completed…


Bring the Balance Back into Your Life

Bring the Balance Back Into Your Life and Do So Naturally Holiday weight gain is a fact for most of us and statistically, much of this added weight is there to stay. Year after year, the 2 to 4 pounds gained cumulates and you find yourself 15 to 25 lbs or more overweight!  Your health is suffering…


New: Digestive & Whole Body Wellness Program

Our New Digestive & Whole Body Wellness Program: Individualized Nutrition Plan & Body Alignment for Best Health metabolic balance® and Osteopathic Manual Practice (OMP) are complimentary programs to enhance your physical and mental well-being. If you are seeking to lose weight, want to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation, Digestive and Whole Body Wellness may be…