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Flu and Cold

1. ADEQUATE SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL Get plenty of rest to revitalize the body and mind; about 7 to 9 hours a night. Take time out from the busy holiday schedule and relax. Skip a party or two. Schedule time for activities you truly enjoy. 2. PROPER NUTRITION Avoid sugars, refined foods, and caffeine; they create…


Pay My Bill

You may conveniently pay you bill using this on-line from. An interactive link to the form will be on the bottom of your invoice.


Online Appointment Booking

      Booking an appointment is easier than ever.  You can find the link on the Website, in the emails and in the newsletters.  Come see for yourself.  Go to Consultation and click the “Book an online consultation” Link.       Select the type of appointment you want. Select an open date and time (Open…


Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs

NEW: Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs Ulta Labs now has COVID-19 Antibody testing. For a limited time use coupon code COVID19AB and save $50. You can order it yourself or I can order it for you.  The draw and lab works is done at Quest Labs. The COVID-19 test uses the immunoassay testing methodology…

mushrooms and tomatoes

Discover the Adventure of Mushrooms – Part 1

Mushrooms are mysterious creatures to some of us.   When a client expresses disdain over including them in a Metabolic Balance recipe, I completely understand!  There they are: little brown odd-looking caps and stems that have a dusty feel, grow in damp shadowy places and are called, “Fungi”.  Often however, after becoming more familiar with the…