This is the best I’ve eaten in my whole life!

Jennie is coming back to metabolic balance with an updated plan because she had been achy with shoulder and hip pains, has had low energy and was always tired. She says, “I remember feeling better and looking younger when I did MB ten years ago, so I decided to try it again.”

Jennie wanted to share some of her favorite meals on her metabolic balance® meal plan so far. She told me that, “This is the best I’ve eaten in my whole life!”

asian soupShrimp dinner









Pictured above from left to right:
Salad: red oak leafy lettuce, red radish, carrots, topped with simmered and salted pork loin chunks. Side of sliced peach and light rye cracker. A cup of black coffee
•Comfy Asian style soup: 2 soft boiled eggs with blanched bok choy, salt and pepper.
• Shrimp with zucchini in ghee seasoned with Celtic sea salt.
• Carrots, broccoli, bok choy and chicken breast chunks simmered in water, ghee, and Celtic sea salt.
• Mung beans and zucchini simmered in ghee and Celtic sea salt  with an apple and light rye cracker! Thinking of having a cup of black coffee!

Here is a photo of Jennie the day before she began her meal plan and two weeks later. She wants you to know she is wearing no makeup in either photo except brow powder and mascara. I have been helping Jennie and her family with various health issues for 15 years. Jennie is the owner of Charlize Skin Spa in Benicia and Vacaville.

Jennie Before and After

Myra Nissen, CCH

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