There are over 6,000 different remedies- each with many unique attributes. The idea is to choose a remedy whose properties are similar to the indications of the disorder.

In injury situations, there will be a homeopathic remedy match that, if properly applied, works quickly and gently to relieve the symptoms. Some remedies are taken internally and others are made into lotions and ointments for topical applications. Usually remedies are in pellet form that can be found in small tubes at your local health food store or pharmacy. These tiny pellets have immense powers and properties. At the end of the article are tips for taking remedies.

Outdoor play can be restricted by the weather. Roughhousing, your older pushes the younger one. He falls. He bangs his head …. a large goose egg develops on his forehead. Arnica can help relieve pain and bruising. When there is a fall, a sprain, a muscle strain, or minor bleeding, Anica, taken orally, is the first remedy to think of to alleviate these symptoms. Arnica can be applied externally as a lotion or gel to unbroken skin. Sometimes the cooling affect of a gel is soothing.

Calendula is a remedy useful for minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. Noted for its antiseptic and fast granulating qualities, Calendula promotes quick healing. If your child falls and scrapes her shin, wash the area with water and soap and blot dry. Apply Calendula homeopathic ointment or lotion, and loosely cover if necessary.

Your child takes off on his skateboard. He attempts a “heelflip” and lands — not back on his board — but on a nail! Ledum is a remedy known for its relief from the effects of puncture wounds. Soak the wound in warm soapy water, rinse, and apply Calendula, and take Ledum orally. Ledum is indicated when the wound feels cold to the touch, and cold applications make the injured part feel better. Other common uses of Ledum include insect bites/stings and a black eye. Hypericum is another remedy used for minor puncture wounds, but it is most commonly used for injuries to areas with sensitive nerves such as fingers, toes, hands, feet, or tailbone.

We recommend adding Arnica, Calendula, Ledum, and Hypericum 30C to your home first aid kit. Calendula and Arnica also come in lotion, ointment or gel forms for external use. If your child has sensitive skin, look for ointments and lotions without lanolin, petroleum products, or alcohol. A “wash” for external applications can be made from dissolving 1 pellet of Calendula 6C (potency) in 2 oz. of water.


In Homeopathy, the potency is matched to the degree of the disorder. The rule is minimum dose. Start with a 30C potency.


In Homeopathy, less is best! Whenever one takes a remedy, remember – wait. Wait for a response. Let one pellet dissolve on its own in 1⁄2 cup of water. Stir briskly; take a teaspoon. The action of stirring releases the medicinal properties of the remedy. A low potency (6C or 30C) gives you the ability to stir and make stronger. In an acute situation if there is no response after thirty minutes to an hour, stir five times and take another teaspoonful. You can do this three times. If there is still no response – you are probably not on the right remedy. Stop the remedy.


If your child has been whiny and crying but then begins to play and show signs of recovery, or if that goose egg just isn’t affecting him that much, he is better.

This advice does not take the place of homeopathic constitutional care, which will be addressed in an up coming article. If the injury is serious or is not responding to home care, contact your doctor or health care professional immediately, or go directly to the hospital.

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Myra Nissen and Margo Adams, published in Community Kids, January 2008, Volume 5, Issue 1

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