Hypericum, St. Johns Wort Heals Nerve Pain

Hypericum_perforatum_plant_belair_parkHYPERICUM PERFORATUM (ST. JOHNS WORT)

Hypericum is an excellent homeopathic remedy for injuries to nerves or to injured parts of the body which are richly supplied with nerves (fingers, toes, the spine). Generally, injuries needing hypericum have sharp or shooting pains, and the injured part is very sensitive to touch. Hypericum is also good for old injuries to nerves which still seem to bother the person.


Hypericum can help a person recover from antidepressants. Hypericum can help your body heal the nerve endings that have atrophied in your brain, due to the serotonin flooding of the drugs. You can feel again and you can remember again.


Hypericum in tincture form is recommended as an external application in treating deep cuts since it helps heal internal structures as well as the skin. It also has the ability to close open wounds and thus sometimes prevents the need for stitches. Hypericum is also used for septic (infected) wounds (Calendula, in comparison, is primarily good for clean uninfected cuts). Hypericum tincture, like other external applications which have an alcohol base, should be diluted prior to application.
 You can find a calendula/hypericum first aid cream for topical applications.


King George VI of England was so impressed by the effectiveness of hypericum that he named his prize racehorse after it.

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