Ledum for Tick Bites & Puncture Wounds

Ledum_palustre_Oulu,_Finland_Matti Virtala 01.06.2013 LEDUM PALUSTRE

Ledum, commonly known as Marsh Tea is the best medicine for puncture wounds, whether it is from a needle, a nail, or any other sharp object.

Deep punctures or punctures from rusty nail should receive medical attention, but this should not delay you from taking ledum which has no side effects and which can be helpful in healing wounds and preventing tetanus.

Ledum is also commonly prescribed for insect stings, spider bites, tick bites, and animal bites. It’s applicable as well to people with severe bruising (black eyes or blows from firm objects), especially if the affected part feels cold and yet feels relieved by cold applications.

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Matti Virtala 01.06.2013

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