Arnica No. 1 First Aid Remedy


Arnica is an excellent remedy for the emotional shock or physical trauma of any injury. It is necessary to treat an injured person for shock first unless the injury is very mild or unless the person is bleeding so profuse that stopping the bleeding should be attended to immediately.

Arnica is the first homeopathic remedy to think of for numerous types of injuries, it is the most common remedy used in first aid. It helps reduce shock: relieve pain, diminish swelling, and begin healing. Arnica is a great medicine for injury to muscles, especially when there is pain from overexertion. It can help a person bounce back from jet lag – if the person feels tired and bruised after a long journey.

Arnica is also an excellent medicine before or after surgery since the body experiences a state of shock resulting from medical procedures. More doctors are prescribing arnica for their patients after cosmetic surgery. It has the capacity to reduce swelling and scarring, speeding up the body’s healing mechanism. It is frequently used before and after dental surgery.

It is also used by midwives during, and after labor to help the mother and infant deal with the shock and stress of birth common conditions such as trauma injury; surgical shock; muscle injuries.

Often homeopaths will use arnica in higher potencies to help a person overcome symptoms that persist after an old injury, such as a concussion.

Arnica is sometimes used topically as a cream or gel on bruises or over muscle aches. It is not to be used on broken skin.

It is most effective in pellet form taken internally and is found in many homeopathic first aid kits available from many homeopathic pharmacies.

SINECCH™ is the form that is usually prescribed by physicians and has been in use for more than 16 years as a natural homeopathic remedy. It has been clinically proven to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.  Alpine Pharmaceuticals, the proud makers of SINECCH™, is a subsidiary of the highly regarded company Hahnemann Laboratories, Inc.

Please be advised that arnica is best for aches and pains dues to recent injuries. Other remedies may be better indicated for long-standing or chronic aches and pains. It is always best to seek advice from a professional homeopath if a remedy you selected is not working.

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