Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs

NEW: Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs

Ulta Labs now has COVID-19 Antibody testing. For a limited time use coupon code COVID19AB and save $50. You can order it yourself or I can order it for you. 

The draw and lab works is done at Quest Labs. The COVID-19 test uses the immunoassay testing methodology which is the standard for antibody and titer testing. This is simply used to detect IgG antibodies in your system, not to diagnose a patient. The IgG antibodies do not distinguish between past, current, or recent infections. Only that at some point you have been exposed and developed antibodies to COVID-19. The Covid 19 Antibody test is performed by Quest diagnostics which is an FDA authorized and CLIA certified lab

Results signify that antibodies are present

The new Quest Diagnostics antibody service uses tests developed for high-throughput lab environments. Initially, Quest is providing the service based on tests from Abbott and EUROIMMUN, a PerkinElmer company. Quest Diagnostics has completed independent validation studies on both tests. Both tests aid in detecting the presence of immunoglobulin class G (IgG). IgG antibody response typically develops by 14 days after symptom onset. In addition, Quest also continues to pursue other platforms that could enable it to increase testing capacity further.

The Abbott and EUROIMMUN tests are marketed under FDA’s Policy for Diagnostic Tests for Coronavirus Disease-2019. Abbott plans to submit for FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and EUROIMMUN is currently seeking EUA. Test results should be interpreted in connection with other factors, such as symptoms and history. Results signify that antibodies are present, but protective immunity based on these results has yet to be established in clinical trials. Antibody tests by themselves are of limited value in the immediate diagnosis of a patient where COVID-19 infection is suspected. It is important to keep in mind that as with all tests, there may be false negative or false positive results for a number of reasons.

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