Cold & Flu

Flu and Cold

1. ADEQUATE SLEEP IS ESSENTIAL Get plenty of rest to revitalize the body and mind; about 7 to 9 hours a night. Take time out from the busy holiday schedule and relax. Skip a party or two. Schedule time for activities you truly enjoy. 2. PROPER NUTRITION Avoid sugars, refined foods, and caffeine; they create…


Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs

NEW: Oder Antibody Test from Ulta Labs Ulta Labs now has COVID-19 Antibody testing. For a limited time use coupon code COVID19AB and save $50. You can order it yourself or I can order it for you.  The draw and lab works is done at Quest Labs. The COVID-19 test uses the immunoassay testing methodology…

Homeopathy bladder incontinence

Safety of Homeoprophylaxis or Homeopathic Immunizations

The two major concerns people have about homeoprophylaxis is the effectiveness and safety. This article addresses the safety of homeoprophylaxis and safety of homeopathic vaccinations.


Correct Misconceptions about Hyland’s Teething Tablets

Do your part! Help us correct misconceptions about Hyland’s Homeopathic Teething Tablets. National Center for Homeopathy has issued an action alert. Here’s what you can do #saveteethingtablets

ordering supplements and herbs

A Welcome Way to Order Healthcare Products

I offer many choices for my clients in the form of natural tools and healthcare products that are compatible with homeopathic remedies. I give information on an individual basis based on client’s needs. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shopping for the remedies and products I offer my clients. There are products that I must order for you as a practitioner. But hopefully by utilizing these online services, one-stop shopping is closer than ever.