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There will be a new app available soon.

The metabolic balance® nutrition concept may just be the thing for you if you like to eat more healthy, do your body some good and at the same time lose a few pounds. With Metabolic Balance® Daily, our mobile app for iPhone and Android, you can see how the metabolic balance® program works – without any obligation!

Naturally, we can’t prepare a nutrition plan for you to try. But we can show you how easy it is to integrate the metabolic balance® nutrition rules into your everyday routine so that you can better plan and structure your daily life.

Metabolic Balance® Daily explains the 8 metabolic balance® Rules, helps you keep track of protein groups, determines how much water to drink and tracks your meals. It even has reminders about meal times and when the 5 hour fast begins.

Give it a go! Make the conscious decision to eat fresh, unprocessed foods, drink enough water and enjoy the time. Download Metabolic Balance® Daily onto your mobile device and have fun!


Metabolic balance® is not a standardized diet plan, but rather a holistic approach to putting your body’s metabolism into a healthy balance and reaching your ideal body weight.

Insulin, the pancreatic hormone, plays a central role in this process. It “opens the doors” to our body’s cells, allowing blood sugar to enter and supply the body with energy. Being overweight has a strong effect on the delicate balance between blood sugar and insulin levels and is thus the root of many common illnesses and disorders.

Healthy nutrition, as recommended by metabolic balance®, will stabilize your body’s insulin level, maintain the natural feeling of fullness after a meal and balance your body’s metabolism. The cornerstone of metabolic balance® program is a personalized nutritional “road map” based on your body’s bio-chemistry. If you are interested in finding out more about metabolic balance,®. Sign up for monthly news & tips. Contact Myra for more information.

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