What is Homeoprophylaxis or Homeopathic Immunizations?

alternative medicine with homeopathyHomeoproyphylaxis is made up of two words. The first part, Homeo, has Greek roots meaning similar or like, and is also the prefix of the word homeopathic. Prophylaxis is a noun which means “action taken to prevent disease, esp. by specified means or against a specified disease.” In essences we are talking about homeopathic prophylaxis.

I offer homeoprophylaxis in my practice for domestic use and travel. It can give peace of mind to those who are not inclined to receive traditional vaccinations.

Homeopathic prophylaxis is often referred to as homeopathic vaccinations or homeopathic immunizations. However. they are not the same thing as a vaccination or immunization. Homeoprophylaxis is not recognized.

Homeopathic prophylaxis is based on a similar concept to regular vaccinations. With regular vaccinations, a small amount of disease matter is administered by an injection and sometimes orally.  That is where the distinction stops. Homeoprophylaxis is not a system that is administered with an injection. Nor is a person ingesting a small amount of disease matter. Homeoprophic prophylaxis are homeopathic remedies.


How Are Homeoprophylaxis Made?

My Opinion on Vaccination


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