What is Hahnemann’s Organon? Why Is The Organan Important?

Organon-title-pageWHAT IS THE ORGANON?

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy, created a book in which he set down the principles and philosophy of homeopathy. This body of knowledge is called the Organon der Heilkunst or The Organon of Medicine and is studied by homeopaths today.


To our knowledge, Hahnemann wrote 6 editions of The Organon of Medicine. The original copy of the 6th edition is an interleaved copy of the 5th edition in which Hahnemann wrote his modifications to create the 6th ­edition. This special edition of the organon is kept in the Special Collections Archives at the University of California at San Francisco’s Medical School library.

The entire book has now been digitally imaged and is available to everyone for viewing! You can actually turn pages and zoom in and out to see Hahnemann’s own handwriting, the various changes he made, and the pages he added.


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Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, Library and Center for Knowledge Management, University of California, San Francisco.
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