In Memory of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

statueDr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a German physician, born April 11, 1755, who founded homeopathy. On June 21, 1900, a monument of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was dedicated and presented to the US by the American Institute of Homeopathy. It is located on Scott Circle, in Washington, DC. Next time you’re visiting the White House, take a look at the monument. You can read about the history of the monument HERE.

Ode to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann
Loyal to the Ancestral Line: Hahnemann’s Nephew, Dr. C B Trinius
Homeopathy FAQ
What is Hahnemann’s Organon?

A Sketch of Hahnemann’s Life

Photo of Monument of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, taken by Tabinda Khan, C.Hom., 2006.

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