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Morning Sickness: Homeopathy Helps Curb Nausea in Pregnancy

MORNING SICKNESS: HOMEOPATHY HELPS CURB NAUSEA IN PREGNANCY The anticipation and excitement of pregnancy is often tempered with physical discomfort. Sometimes you begin to feel nauseous, experience vomiting, or have appetite changes as early as three weeks. This can last through the first trimester of pregnancy and sometimes extends the entire term. Morning sickness can…


Part of the Family
: Homeopathy & Pet Care

Pets are gifts to us. Most of us who grew up with pets as part of the family. Introducing a new dog into your home requires careful reflection. Take care of your pets naturally. Homeopathy & Pet Care.


Medical Businesses, Beyond 3-R’s

MEDICAL BUSINESSES, BEYOND 3-R’S An over-reliance on pharmaceutical and high-technology-based medicine negatively affects the environment including the generation of medical waste, typical office discards, and the effects of conventional medical practices. The numbers are of consequence, an estimated 50,000 tons of medical waste is generated annually in California alone.1 Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs),…