Family Balance with Homeopathy



Extended families can act as a support system for the whole. While the workload might be different for each person, the individual tasks are equally important. One person might give monetary support, while another might cook or provide house keeping. Another person might participate in the care of an elder, or an older person might tend to a young one. A child might provide joy and laughter, while the grandparent might relay wisdom and care. In this close-knit community, each person’s role is extremely important to the well-being and function of the larger whole. At the same time, each individual in a family has distinct wants and needs. The healthy functioning of the family is ultimately dependent on this structure of strength and flexibility.


A family best functions when it has developed skills to adapt and share fully in the daily grind as well as care for each other and others in more difficult times. Interpersonal relationships can keep a family from running smoothly. Balance can be lost when shock, tragedy, or long-suffering is experienced. A death, job loss or change, alcohol, drug or a gambling problem can each take its toll on a family. A young child might respond with anxiety, nightmares, or even a learning disorder. A parent might become stressed, distraught, or depressed.


Homeopathy has a proven track record aiding these difficult and delicate matters to help bring a family into balance. It can also help with adoption, sibling rivalry, or adjustment to a new living partner. Many times a particular situation cannot be removed from a family, but Homeopathy has assisted the family in adapting. In both of our practices, we have watched amazing adjustments to some very difficult situations.

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Written by Myra Nissen & Margo Adams, published: Community Parent, July 2008, Volume 5, Issue 7.

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