Cold & Flu

Flu Season: 10 Best Practices to Keep You Well

Influenza or “flu” refers to strains of viruses that are more intense than a cold. Symptoms: fever, aching muscles, headache, fatigue, the digestive tract.


Is Homeoprophylaxis Effective?

The two major concerns people have about homeoprophylaxis is the effectiveness and safety. This article addresses the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis.


Confused about the Safety of Vaccinations?

Today there are good reasons to question the safety of vaccinations. Is it better to vaccinate or risk acquiring the disease? What are the side effects of vaccination? Are there toxic additives such as mercury used in the vaccines?

Prepare for the flu

New Natural Ideas to Support You Through the 2013-2014 Flu Season

Often symptoms of cold and flu quickly go away if remedies are used at the first signs of illness. Even at the later stages of a cold or flu, remedies can help reduce the severity of symptoms.

ordering supplements and herbs

Ordering Certain Supplements & Herbs

I offer many choices for my clients in the form of natural tools that are compatible with homeopathic remedies. I give information about such tools on an individual basis, based on client’s needs. In homeopathy they are called adjunctive therapuetics or an adjuvant. Here are some you can order yourself.