Future Allergy Concerns

A study a year ago from different researchers found that from 1990 to 2018, pollen has increased and allergy season is starting earlier, with much of it because of climate change. The new study found that allergy season would stretch even longer and the total amount of pollen would skyrocket. How long and how much depends on…


Water – Essential to Health

11 Reasons Why Water is Essential to Good Health We’ve all heard that water is good for us, and to be honest, most of us probably tune this out to some degree. But, as you are working on your overall health and fitness, drinking water is an essential component to reaching your goals. Here are…


Water for the Future

Water Conservation Why should we conserve water? Like many things around us, we seldom appreciate what is so readily available to us. All we have to do is turn on the faucet any time 24 hours a day and there is plenty of water for our use, but water doesn’t just magically appear. It costs…

mushrooms and tomatoes

Discover the Adventure of Mushrooms – Part 1

Mushrooms are mysterious creatures to some of us.   When a client expresses disdain over including them in a Metabolic Balance recipe, I completely understand!  There they are: little brown odd-looking caps and stems that have a dusty feel, grow in damp shadowy places and are called, “Fungi”.  Often however, after becoming more familiar with the…


Treasure In Time – Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA

Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA Poem… I have often felt the rapture of the birds sailing on thermals high along the ridge of Sulphur Springs Mountain looking down on Columbus Parkway, supercenters, and mega roller coasters. I always admired her majesty wondered what stories she held. Until now, I didn’t understand the consequence of…