mushrooms and tomatoes

Discover the Adventure of Mushrooms – Part 1

Mushrooms are mysterious creatures to some of us.   When a client expresses disdain over including them in a Metabolic Balance recipe, I completely understand!  There they are: little brown odd-looking caps and stems that have a dusty feel, grow in damp shadowy places and are called, “Fungi”.  Often however, after becoming more familiar with the…


Treasure In Time – Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA

Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA Proem… I have often felt the rapture of the birds sailing on thermals high along the ridge of Sulphur Springs Mountain looking down on Columbus Parkway, supercenters, and mega roller coasters. I always admired her majesty wondered what stories she held. Until now, I didn’t understand the consequence of…


2017 Challenge: Give Back By Losing ~ Metabolic Balance

For a limited time, while following your metabolic balance® nutrition plan, you can join our 2017 New Year’s Challenge titled, “Give Back by Losing”. Earn $1 for every pound lost, plus a matching $1 donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

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Thank you! Metabolic Balance Promotion

Congratulations! You are almost done! To complete your entry in the drawing for Myra Nissen’s Metabolic Balance program you must confirm your entry from the confirmation email that will be sent to the email listed when you signed up. And then you will have started your journey to a healthier, more balanced weight. Click here…


Recipes for Metabolic Balance – Eat Fresh

Recipes In line with the latest food trends. Encouraging the freshest whole foods, not processed or packaged. Gourmet, artisan, handcrafted all your own. Eat fresh.