Metabolic Balance Improves Yoga

I have been on the MB plan for probably 4 months now. It’s definitely gotten easier as I stuck with it and Myra has been an excellent coach! My weight is down to 132 lbs – I weighed 148 when I started. So I am looking forward to getting into my stored summer clothing that I was dreading I might need to discard!

Last two Iyengar Yoga classes I handled Downward Dog better than ever – being lighter I didn’t get shaky and stayed up quite easily!! Also learned that when Ii do feel shaky, I need to imbibe more water. I hardly feel thirsty – ever, but Myra figured out how much water I need, and I am making sure I get it, and the shakiness is diminishing.

I also like to have a plan to go to, and it’s really quite easy to stick to it – less thinking about what to make. My husband sometimes eats with me, but also I buy what he likes and he has choices – so all in all, this phase two has not been that hard. I heartily recommend this. I have had a few deviation meals, but am enjoying what I do get to eat! BIG THANKS to Myra!!

P.M.San Mateo, CA