I Am Delighted – 21 lbs Lost – Summer Clothes Should Fit!

I am delighted with the 21 lbs weight loss – my summer clothes should fit!

Today, I had my first facial [and leg waxing] in several months. My aesthetician has always said that my skin was too dry, despite creams I use twice daily. It never felt dry to me. Today, now that I am on the Metabolic Balance® program and have upped my water intake considerably, she told me for the first time that now my skin is no longer dry! I never felt thirsty, so used to drink only occasionally. On this program, I am aware that when I feel wobbly, I need more water, even if I am not thirsty!

The beginnings of a cataract the eye doctor mentioned 2 and half years ago has cleared – no sign of it. I am sure that the Metabolic Balance Diet helped that happen! (Myra, you can quote me!!)

Another benefit, I am newly aware of – I also have managed to sleep through the night without getting up to pee, and bladder leakage is definitely improved. So I am making sure to drink enough water daily – two full glasses before breakfast, two afterwards, before lunch, and still more in the later afternoon…. I really didn’t believe this was possible, but Myra was right!

I am not finding this program onerous at all. I enjoy the meals – never actually make the dishes exactly the same way, because I have different ingredients in the fridge, so it’s good.
(74 yrs, female on the plan for over 4 months)