A Universal Diet, Like A Universal Medicine, Is An Idle Dream: Metabollic Balance

One of the most challenging things as a homeopath is to work with people who have many physical complaints. Giving them one remedy and sending them on their way some how does not make clients feel taken care of, nor does is address the plethora of symptoms in a complicated case.

Metabolic Balance: Connect to Your True Good Health

Metabolic balance® is an individualized 4-phase meal plan based on each person’s own uniqueness. Beyond blood type, the metabolic balance® program considers over 30 blood values, what foods that one cannot or will not eat, allergies, medications, and health history.

Beating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Restoring Health

At some point in their lifetime most woman experience weight gain. For women with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), losing weight can be challenging. It has been reported that more than 60% of women who have PCOS are overweight. Metabolic Balance can help you loose weight and regain hormonal balance.

How To Use Tofu in Cooking

There is plenty of controversy about soy, especially in the light of genetically modified soy. However, as metabolic balance&® is an individualized program based on a person’s own chemistry, it is very beneficial to some. I have been eating tofu since college but for many it is an unfamiliar food. I bring you my experience with tofu.

Invitation to a Special Event with Dr. Wolf Funfack & Metabolic Balance

This one-time only, introduction webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 29th and is titled: “Eat What Makes Sense.” So join us and learn how the right natural foods can improve the quality of your health and help you shed unwanted pounds. Best of all, learn directly from the founder of metabolic balance himself, Dr. Wolf Funfack!

Have a Cup of Tea for Your Health: Healthy Benefits of Tea

Drinking a few cups of tea may improve your health. Tea leaves contain antioxidants. Antioxidants may reduce or help prevent cell damage. Tea also helps promote beneficial gut bacteria.

Liz Corey

Are Pesticides Linked to ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Moved by her nephew’s diagnosis with ADHD, Elizabeth Corey, finds evidence that ADHD & Autism Spectrum Disorder are linked to exposure to pesticides.

Metabolic Balance Plan Updates Available: Look Ahead to 2014

Do you have an old version of a metabolic balance plan and want to benefit from the new research used in the new plans? For a limited time you can get the new plan at a discount.

Shen Jing Holistic in Benicia, CA

Shen Jing Holistic Moves to First Street, Benicia, CA

Announcing wellness partnership of three powerful therapists now at Shen Jing Holistic located in the Benicia, CA Historic Arsenal Park.

ordering supplements and herbs

Ordering Certain Supplements & Herbs

I offer many choices for my clients in the form of natural tools that are compatible with homeopathic remedies. I give information about such tools on an individual basis, based on client’s needs. In homeopathy they are called adjunctive therapuetics or an adjuvant. Here are some you can order yourself.


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