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Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing

There are a number of food, herbs, molds, food additives and environmental chemical sensitivity tests are available. What is included: test results with explanation, and a rotation meal plan to correct sensitivities. Tests vary in scope from full comprehensive testing 320 items to Individual testing. Individualized meal planning & recipe guides available with some tests. Hair mineral analysis is also available.

This includes call-in-time support, brief check-in calls as required to track response. Homeopathic remedies, supplements, herbs, gemmotherapy, tinctures, cell salts, flower essences, anthroposophic remedies are charged if provided by the office.

Hair analysis offers a mineral blueprint of one’s unique biochemistry. I offer hair mineral testing. Hair mineral testing is a low cost, non-invasive method to balancing a persons unique chemistry.

Tests available

Alcat Test (Food & Chemical Sensitivities)

  • Shows what to eat and what not.
  • Identifies triggers of inflammation
  • Provides information necessary to build an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Food Sensitivities. Vegetarian Plans are Availble
  • Mold Sensitivities
  • Food Additives/Colorings/Preservatives Sensitivities
  • Antibiotics/Anti-Inflammatory Agents Sensitivities

Cellular Nutrition Assays (CNA)

  • Micronutrient insufficiencies
  • Particularly beneficial antioxidants
  • Cells’ ability to resist oxidative stress

Methylation Detox

  • Genetic SNPs related to biochemical processes i.e. methionine metabolism, detoxification, hormone balance, and vitamin D function.
  • Proper nutrition support to maximize the functions of metabolic pathways.
  • MTHFR, MTR, MTRR, COMT, AHCY, Homocysteine

Gut Health CICA Insight

  • Genetic, antibody, and cellular assessment for a broader perspective regarding gut health.

Telomere Length

  • An indicator of “biological aging”
  • Shorted telomeres are associated with numerous diseases of aging

DNA Genetique from DesBio

  • Simple, non-invasive test that can help you understand how to optimize diet, exercise, and lifestyle to best complement your genetic predisposition.

Contact Myra if you are interested in Food & Chemical Sensitivity Testing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My faith in homeopathy is restored!

Myra Nissen is an amazing homeopath. I have been working with her for several months and I am amazed with the results. I had all but given up on homeopathy as I have been trying it on and off for years. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t and I never had any real luck…

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multiple deep healing situations

Dear Myra, I can’t thank you enough for all the care you have given me with the multiple deep healing situations I’ve been in this year. Your compassion and commitment to the well being of others goes beyond what most practitioners provide. The depth of your knowledge and your infinite thirst for more is admirable.

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Video Testimonial: Anxiety/Skin Issues

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My Mind is Clear No Hot Flashes

Since I have been on metabolic balance, my mind is clear, I am present and focused on what I am doing.  My hot flashes are gone. I look great! My face looks younger, no dark circles. This is the first program where I have not lost weight on my face. I have lost 13 lbs.…

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Thryoid Solved

I always tell people how you helped me with my thyroid many years ago. I never had to take traditional medication. And even to this day, it still tests normal. Thank you for your help. (female, age 79)

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metabolic balance® Meal Plan Tells Me What I Can Eat

I love that my metabolic balance® meal plan tells me what I CAN eat, not what I can’t eat. It was fun to go to the market and buy veggies that I might not necessarily get. I’m trying to include as wide a range of foods on the list as possible. It was also nice…

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Homeopathy Support for Cosmetic Surgery

My doctor almost jumped with joy when he saw my face.  He told me that it all looks better than he expected it to look (I still have 2-4 months ahead, during which my skin will keep tightening ).  I’m so glad I included this as part of my personal transformation/make-over .

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Best I Ever Felt

This is the best I ever felt ever since I was a teenager. I have lost weight (20p) my hair has grown longer (it stopped growing past my shoulders in the past 20 year) my energy is higher. I feel like I’ve gained myself back. I was not able to resolve my sleeping issue through…

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Homeopathy Touches the Deepest Parts of Our Being

I just had the most incredible release where I could feel my child-self coming forward inside of me to be reintegrated and present. I could feel the innocence and purity, the tremendous love and trust that she has for everyone and all of life. Her joy! And I could feel myself skipping freely just filled…

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Myra, Your message on Tuesday feels like a much needed balm for a culture that places undue value on western medicine and drugs that can lead to scary side effects. Drawing on your (and other’s) wisdom and creating a circle for women and children to gather, share, and create feels essential in creating true community.…

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metabolic balance® is fun

I actually find this metabolic balance® program great fun – the discovering of food items I have never tried, and then the knowing that they are actually repairing my body! Wow! What could be better? Thank you Myra – you are a great coach!!

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