The Force of Gentleness is Great: The Direction of Cure


Dr. Constantine HeringConstantine Hering, M.D. (1800-1880) was a German-born physician who later came to be regarded as the founder of homeopathy in America. Dr. Hering observed that healing occurs in a consistent pattern. He described this pattern in the form of three basic laws which homeopaths can use to recognize that healing is occurring. This pattern, called, Hering’s Law of Cure has been recognized by acupuncturists for hundreds of years, and is also used by practitioners of herbalism and other healing disciplines. Learn more about Hering.

HERING’S FIRST LAW: Healing progresses from the deepest part of the organism – the mental and emotional levels and the vital organs – to the external parts, such as skin and extremities.

HERING’S SECOND LAW: As healing progresses, symptoms appear and disappear in the reverse of their original chronological order of appearance. Homeopaths have consistently observed that their patients re-experience symptoms from past conditions.

HERING’S THIRD LAW: As healing progresses from the upper to the lower parts of the body. For instance, a person is considered to be on the mend if the arthritic pain in his neck has decreased although he now has pain in his finger joints.

As the symptoms change in accordance with Herring’s Law, it is common for individual symptoms to become worse than they had been before treatment. If healing is truly in progress, the patient feels stronger and generally better in spite of the aggravation. Before long, the symptoms of the aggravation pass, and leave the person healthier on all levels.

HERING’S MOTTO: The force of gentleness is great.

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