Recipe for Rutabaga and Carrot Mash

Metabolic balance creates individualized meal plans from over 10,000 foods. Taking into account the many nutrients that whole foods have to offer. With a  little creativity, one can put together some surprising combinations that satisfy the pallet as well as appetite, and be healthy too!  I have asked Liz Menkes, guest blogger, to share one of her favorite recipes for breakfast.

RECIPE: Rutabega Carrot Mash

Divide vegetable portion between
Rutabaga, chopped and
Carrot, chopped
1 apple, grated
fresh ginger, grated
1 serving of ricotta cheese (or other allowed cheese)

Steam rutabaga and carrot until tender.  Mash together, then fold in a grated apple.  Season with cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.  Top with cheese.


I have made metabolic balance a life style choice for almost 10 months. I am happy with the program and the results for my health and waist line. I’ve also attached a photo to go along with the recipe. Thanks for posting this for me. ~ Liz Menkes, Metabolic Balancer, EMF Consultant,


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