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In injury situations, there will be a homeopathic remedy match that, if properly applied, works quickly and gently to relieve the symptoms. Some remedies are taken internally and others are made into lotions and ointments for topical applications.


Individualized Nutrition Plan for Best Health

Individualized Nutrition Plan for Best Health If you are seeking to lose weight, want to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation, this may be the right fit for you. The program is designed to balance your hormones and heal your gut issues naturally to help give you the results you desire. metabolic balance® is an individualized…


Celebrating Unexpected Balance with metabolic balanceⓇ

Velda has been on an individualized meal plan from metabolic balanceⓇ for 3 months, and is celebrating unexpected balance from metabolic balanceⓇ


OMG, Ghee is Good! 

OMG, Ghee is Good! Ghee has Omega-3 fatty acids; 179mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per cup. According to Ayurvedic medicine ghee is very important for its digestive properties.


Seedy Trail Granola Recipe

Breakfast cereal, we all have learned how bad it is, even the ones that claim to be healthy. Let’s face it, sometimes we just want it. I had an idea. What could I do with the nuts and seeds on the plan. It would not be a cereal with milk. But it could be more like a seedy trail mix. It could have 100s of possibilities.


Homeopathic Detox Therapy / CEASE-Therapy

The focus is to provide clients with classical homeopathy in combination with homeopathic detox therapy (HDT) to erase obstacles to cure. The purpose of this therapy is to erase obstacles to cure, obstacles that come from exposure to toxic substances, such as vaccinations, medications, environmental toxins, etc.


Find Your Balance with Balanced Living Program

The Balanced Living Program supports the use of seasonal, organic and local, fresh, whole foods. Each personalized plan includes a wide variety of choices including meats, beans, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy and fermented foods.


Measles Does Not Have To Be Scary

Homeopathic remedies can easily ease the symptoms and shorten the course of a measles infection, as well as help prevent complications. Positive effects of the right remedy should be seen within 12 to 24 hours. Knowing which remedies to use and how to use them safely is important.

metabolic balance book

Thank you! Metabolic Balance Promotion

Congratulations! You are almost done! To complete your entry in the drawing for Myra Nissen’s Metabolic Balance program you must confirm your entry from the confirmation email that will be sent to the email listed when you signed up. And then you will have started your journey to a healthier, more balanced weight. Click here…


Metabolic Balance Promotion

EXPIRED INCENTIVE: Enter to Win! Not only for the sake of winning. Start your path to wellness with this unique metabolic weight loss program. Enter Now. Find out more. ENTER TO WIN iContact, Email Marketing You Can Trust DRAWING DATE:  July 1,  2015, noon PT.1 FREE BOOK:  by Metabolic Balance:  Your Personalized Nutrition Roadmap by Dr.  Wolf Funfack,  the creator of metabolic balanceⓇ…


Guided Visualization to Realign Yourself

Guided imagery will help you to ground and center, quiet your mind, calm your breathing, clear your energetic space and realign yourself with what’s important.


Protect Your Homeopahtic Remedies from Cell Phone EMF

Bags for your phone, to protect you from the destructive properties of mobile phone radiation. They are beautiful and reasonably priced.


Local Grass-Fed Meats & Cheeses Delivered

Happy Hens Farms CSA is back and now offer home deliver to those living Contra Costa County and Benicia. 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured heritage pork.


Metabolism: The Root Cause of Disease

It’s all about Metabolism, pioneering integrative doctors are connecting the dots that point to the root causes of the majority of today’s chronic diseases.


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