Metabolic Balance® Nutrition Program Grows in the US

When Christoph Egel relocated to the USA to serve a three-year expatriate assignment, he and his family quickly started to enjoy the  American way of life so much that they  decided to stay and localize. Unfortunately, they also became victims of a main cause of the obesity epidemic here in the U.S. – heavily processed foods, a lack of natural nutrients and bad eating habits.

Christoph and his family joined more than two-thirds of the American population in their quest for a solution to being overweight or obese. The Egels, though, had an advantage – friends and family at home made them aware of a break-through nutrition program  that had emerged in Germany in 2002: Metabolic Balance®. This program was developed by Dr. Wolf Funfack, metabolic expert, in close cooperation with Silvia Bürkle, nutritional engineer,  and his wife Birgit Funfack, who  has since been the managing director  of Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG.

“The relationship between a balanced diet and a properly functioning metabolism is unmistakable”, states Dr. Wolf Funfack. “As a method, Metabolic Balance® pays particular attention to the fact that the body must produce sufficient enzymes and hormones in order to maintain a balanced metabolic system. Every participant is provided with a nutritional plan that is individually designed and recommends specifically those foods that the participant needs in order to produce these vitally important substances.”

In an independent study published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Metabolic Balance® demonstrated significant positive effects on weight loss, symptoms for metabolic syndrome, mental well-being and general quality of life. It achieves this through a combined approach: natural foods with a balanced nutrient content, a well-defined regimen supported by certified coaches and regular exercise.

It is no surprise that this award-winning program has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade and has changed the lives of more than 600,000 program participants in 28 countries, including almost 2,500 participants in the United States.

The obesity problem has reached epidemic proportions. By 2030, 42% of Americans are projected to be obese! Metabolic Balance® is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge by reaching participants through health and wellness professionals, who are certified in the Metabolic Balance® method uniquely positioned to meet this challenge.

Today, Christoph Egel is the CEO of Metabolic Balance, Inc. After his wife became one of the first Metabolic Balance® coaches in the U.S., he experienced the Metabolic Balance® nutrition program first hand and was able to eliminate all the medications that his executive lifestyle required him to take! Consequently, he is extremely excited about the value Metabolic Balance® can add to corporate wellness programs. As the economic impact of the obesity epidemic amounts to more than $270 billion per year, with the losses in productivity being estimated at $164 billion, an all-natural nutrition program like Metabolic Balance® can reduce the burden of the continuously growing healthcare contribution (Is “contribution” the word you want here???) on companies. “Taking care of our employees is one of our most important priorities. Healthy employees are invaluable,” says Dr. Funfack and this commitment to its employees earned Metabolic Balance® the prestigious 2011 HAWARD® Health Award.


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With Metabolic Balance® it is more about how good you feel than anything else. Metabolic balance® has individualized programs for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance & get healthy, and a special program for athletes.

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This article appeared in German American Trade Jul/Aug 2012, p.36

Dr. Funfack.

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