Homeopathy Telecare Subscription

New for 2023

I am offering a Homeopathy Telecare Subscription

The perfect solution for individual clients and families wanting homeopathic care, sign up for Myra’s Homeopathy Telecare Subscription Service $135 a month.

Services Include

  • Up to four 30-minute online consultations a month
  • Quick resolution for acute care
  • Private access account for self-help tips, recent remedy instructions, upload files
  • FSA and HSA payments accepted
  • For existing clients only
  • Save up to $125 using Myra’s Homeopathic Telecare Subscription
  • No hassle or long term commitment, cancel upon request, no refunds

How It Works

Sign up for the Homeopathy Telecare Subscription here: Telecare Subscription

Once you subscribe, you will be given the link to use when you want to book Telecare appointment.

Need more time with Myra? You can purchase additional 30-minute Homeopathy sessions for $72.50  Book Appointment

To schedule in person appointments, please contact Myra.

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