Confused about the Safety of Vaccinations?

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 1.36.23 PMNot long ago the general consensus about receiving vaccinations was positive. I remember standing in line with my family to get the new polio vaccination at the local school gymnasium. I felt very patriotic. I believed that what I was doing was correct and just. We were helping rid the world of dreaded diseases and protecting our loved ones.


Today there are good reasons to question the safety of vaccinations. Is it better to vaccinate or risk acquiring the disease? What are the side effects of vaccination? Are there toxic additives such as mercury used in the vaccines?

In recent years there is growing evidence that vaccinations may have a negative effect on the immune system. Many reports suggest there is a link to autism, asthma, and diabetes. Non-threatening childhood diseases, allowed to occur normally, may actually strengthen a growing immune system. In addition, intervention is available if there are serious complications.

Many vaccines have chemical additives including phenol (disinfectant), ethylene glycol (antifreeze), aluminum, thimerosal (mercury), and formaldehyde. There are reasons why these additives occur in small amounts in vaccinations. However, in some individuals they can cause side effects.


It is not a simple task to decide which vaccinations are necessary and which ones are not. It is complicated. Parents must decide if they should vaccinate their infant and if they should continue maintenance as their child grows. An adult must decide if they need to continue to be vaccinated. Often there are vaccination requirements for international travel.

Complete information about vaccines is not generally available. Doctors are relied upon for the ultimate decision. Unfortunately, doctors receive their information from vaccine advisory committees who rely on studies conducted by drug manufacturers. It is up to each person to do their own research and make an informed choice.


Parents are allowed to choose not to have their children vaccinated based on religious beliefs, philosophical, or medical reasons. You should be aware that not all doctors or pediatricians are willing to work with parents who decide not to vaccinate.


Traditional medicine often doesn’t have answers for those who succumb to disease. Natural medicine does offer help. Homeopathy is a natural medicine assisting a person’s self-healing mechanism. It has the capacity to boost the immune system. A well-selected remedy can help a child safely recover from an illness without the threat of side effects. In some instances, Homeopathy can serve as a preventative. Homeopathy can often offset vaccine side effects. It can heal the hereditary predisposition to disease. Even if an illness is acquired despite vaccination, Homeopathy can aid recovery.

Homeopathic remedies can also be used to induce immunity against a particular disease. This practice is called Homeoprophylaxis. More.


One example of Homeopathy’s dramatic success over disease was documented in a report to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1921. The 1918 Spanish Flu was the worst flu pandemic in history. The death rate of 24,000 flu cases under conventional medical care in that study was 28.2 percent, while the death rate of26,000 cases treated with homeopathy was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent. There are many, many other examples.

Generally, in the instance of disease, it is best to seek the help of a professional Homeopath rather than relying on over-the-counter recommendations. As with all medicines, Homeopathic remedies are to be respected as a powerful tool. Caution should be taken as Homeopathic remedies are powerful and deep acting.

I want homeoprophylaxis for myself and my family. What should I do?



The purpose of this article is to provide information. It is not intended to recommend or discourage vaccinations. Vaccinations are an individual decision and require thoughtful consideration. Families in California have a choice. Use it wisely.

I offer homeoprophylaxis in my practice for domestic and travel concerns. Homeoprophylaxis is a choice to help support against disease. Contact me if you are interested.

More about homeoprophylaxis.


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