Celebrating Unexpected Balance with metabolic balanceⓇ


Velda’s Story

Velda was diagnosed with a serious heart condition in her late 40s. Her prognosis was eminent heart surgery. A call to action to improve her health, she has been exploring different avenues. To her credit, at 68 she has avoided surgery and Velda can claim that, “I am gaining good health as I age.”

She has been on an individualized meal plan from metabolic balanceⓇ for 3 months. Today she is celebrating unexpected balance from metabolic balanceⓇ. Initially she was hoping to improve tinnitus, blood pressure and pulse rate, sense of smell and resolve a benign tumor.

While weight loss was not a consideration, Velda exclaimed, “Weight has come off without trying in comparison to the large portions of food on my plan!” She easily moved from a BMI of 26 (obese) to 23.4 (normal range), waist to height ratio is also normal and shed over 19 lbs.

While the initial goals have not been met she has had unexpected good results:

  • Skin is improving, dry patch on back is softer and ears are not as dry and itchy.
  • Blood pressure is improving (systolic and diastolic measures are coming closer together).
  • Pulse rate is continuing to more toward normal.
  • Sense of smell is just starting to improve.

The most startling results was noted by her chiropractor. During the time that Velda has been on the plan, her parasympathetic nervous system/nervous system, while once quite out of line, is now almost normal.

A true testimonial that balance can be achieved in the unexpected and an incentive for Velda to carry on with her MB plan.

Velda’s coach is Myra, homeopath & metabolic balance coach.

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