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mushrooms and tomatoes

Discover the Adventure of Mushrooms – Part 1

Mushrooms are mysterious creatures to some of us.   When a client expresses disdain over including them in a Metabolic Balance recipe, I completely understand!  There they are: little brown odd-looking caps and stems that have a dusty feel, grow in damp shadowy places and are called, “Fungi”.  Often however, after becoming more familiar with the…

making good choices

Life is About Making Good Choices

I woke up this morning and realized I had not done Tai Chi or Qigong for a while so that’s the way I started out my day. That led me to good choices the rest of the day. For lunch, I steamed some beats and made myself a goat cheese – strawberry – Romain lettuce…


Traveling with Metabolic Balance

Planning a trip? Here is how one client travels with her metabolic balance plan. A number of people feel like they need to be at home to follow their individualized metabolic balance meal plan. Beth thinks otherwise. I have asked her to give us her secrets for traveling well. I’ve been on the metabolic eating…


Treasure In Time – Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA

Ode to Lake Herman, Benicia, CA Proem… I have often felt the rapture of the birds sailing on thermals high along the ridge of Sulphur Springs Mountain looking down on Columbus Parkway, supercenters, and mega roller coasters. I always admired her majesty wondered what stories she held. Until now, I didn’t understand the consequence of…


Time Line: Lake Herman; Paint the Town

Time Line: Lake Herman and The City’s Challenges for Fresh Water A companion piece for A Treasure In Time by Myra Nissen for Paint The Town/Art and Writing Show at Benicia City Hall, Spring 2018. 1870 – Hastings Mine located at Sulphur Springs Mountain discovered Cinnabar. Sulphur Springs/Sky Valley School was constructed 1 mile West…