Honey to relieve allergies

Allergy Alert! A Few Tips to Help You Cope!

Seasonal allergies can take all the fun out of enjoying a long-awaited Spring day. Sneezing, burning itchy eyes, headaches and stuffy noses is an invitation to stay indoors.  Flowers, new-growth and the beauty of a new season become signals that it’s time to reach for the inhalers, antihistamines, decongestants and endure a whole new list…

ordering supplements and herbs

A Welcome Way to Order Healthcare Products

I offer many choices for my clients in the form of natural tools and healthcare products that are compatible with homeopathic remedies. I give information on an individual basis based on client’s needs. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shopping for the remedies and products I offer my clients. There are products that I must order for you as a practitioner. But hopefully by utilizing these online services, one-stop shopping is closer than ever.


Common Homeopathic First Aid Remedies

Pretty flowers are powerful healers. Homeopathic first aid remedies. Latin names for all homeopathic remedies, ledum, hypericum, calendula. Sports injuries.


Rhus Tox – Poison Ivy Heals

Can help water-filled rashes, poison ivy rash, poison oak rash, herpes or shingles.


Urtica Urens Offers Relief from Burns & Sunburn

Urtica the remedy of choice for burns and sunburn. Stinging nettle causes a burn upon contact with the spine of the plant, hence, using the law of similars, a homeopathic preparation of Urtica would relieve the pain from burns.