Anchovies – Catch of the Week

Exploring new culinary possibilities after becoming a coach for metabolic balance made me realize there are successes and well, not so successful trials.  It’s more about the adventure and enjoying the process more than the outcome!

My Anchovy Adventure

As a member of a community-supported fishery (Local Catch), or CSF, fish are caught locally in a sustainable manner by a consortium of small fishing companies.  Guaranteed 75 hours boat-to-table; there is nothing more delicious than fresh fish.

Delivery Day

Anchovy nutritionAnchovies!   How exciting to read in an email that the catch-of-the-week was anchovies.  There were links with instructions for cleaning as well as recipes.  Anchovies are on my meal plan, I’ve always enjoyed the salted tinned ones on Caesar salads and never prepared them myself.

And now, I had the chance to learn how to prepare them fresh. I chose the fried anchovy recipe substituting rye flour for the cornmeal.

What Went Wrong

My work day began at 8:00 and I often work remotely from home for the first half.  At noon I left my home office, picked up the anchovies, returned home to place them in the refrigerator and then, headed to my office to work with my clients.

I’d thought my day would be over at 6:00 but I extended that to help a client who wanted to start the metabolic balance program.   Our schedules didn’t sync for an entire week, so she came to meet me at 6:00.

While she was in my office, the printer ran out-of-ink and I did not have a refill, so I couldn’t give her any forms, make copies, etc.  Did I mention Venus is in retrograde?

After my session with her, another client called to ask if I she could pick up a homeopathic remedy I had at my office!  So, I waited for her to come get it.

Oh, and more detours!  I finally left my office at 7:15 PM.  I needed to pick-up ink on the way home.  Then, I get a call from the baker saying the metabolic balance sourdough rye was ready to pick-up.  GRRRRR…will I ever get home?

Home at 8:30

I still had time to eat before 9:00 (Rule #6).  (The metabolic balance Rules) Must adhere to my home routine:  Feed the cats, change my clothes, get the mail…garbage night…recycling needed to go out!


Cleaning anchovyGosh, what a BIG bag of tiny fish to clean.  And so, I started the tedious process of cleaning each one.   After what seemed a long time I look at the filet pile and then, the pile of heads, innards and bones.  The wasted parts pile seemed to tower over the much smaller pile of cleaned filets.

The phone rings.   Who could this be?   I wash my hands, put the filets in the fridge and rush to get the phone.  Both cats watching me clean the fish quickly scampered onto the table to get into the discard pile gulping greedily before I could shoo them away!

9:45 and I am STILL cleaning the fish with barely a dent made.  Tired and hungry I am about to give up.

No way do I have the energy to bread and fry up these tiny morsels of filet.   So, I place the filets in a glass container.   Into the fridge they go along with the uncleaned fish in the bag.

With a sigh, I prepare a plate of cheese, prunes and lettuce and go upstairs for bed.

I sit the plate on my end table.

Ahhh, a light meal and a good night’s sleep.   Yes. After a long day, it looks so inviting.  But…but…wait!   My black cat, Lucky, looks at me with his big beautiful green eyes and THROWS UP.  On my bed.

All is not lost

What to eat for breakfast?   Oh wait.   I have anchovy filets!   Inspired now I sauté them with onions, tomatoes, baby bok choy and salt and oregano.  MMMMM.   It is delicious.

Fish for breakfast?

Anchovy mealYes!   If you are in Phase 3 of your metabolic balance program and eat chicken or ham for breakfast, you can have the same amount of fish.  If you do not have poultry or ham for breakfast, or you are in Phase, ask your coach if fish for breakfast is appropriate for you and within the guidelines.

Will I prepare anchovies again?

Well…next time, I have the chance, I will either plan better or consider other fish options.   And maybe, I will simply relax and enjoy anchovies prepared and served in a local restaurant!

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