5 Ways to Save on Homeopathic Care

1. I am a practitioner of Healthways WholeHealth Networks. If your health insurance company is a member you can be referred to my practice and receive a discounted rate. A number of common insurance companies contract with Healthways. Here are just a few of the companies who were members as of June 2010: Aetna, American Fitness Corporation/Global, Anthem & BCBS (but not CA), Carington International Corporation (National), some Healthy Life Styles Programs, Kaiser (CO), Principal, and Well Care. Ask your insurance provider if they are a member of Healthways WholeHealth Networks or offer another CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) program today.

2. I offer a generous referral program for existing clients. Refer a friend or family member and receive your next follow-up visit for free. This a $95 value.

3. Ask your doctor if he/she supports homeopathy. I work with many doctors who are supportive of homeopathy. Occasionally they have referred their clients to my practice for homeopathic care.

4. Another way to save, some employers offer a Flexible Spending Account, for health services not covered by insurance plans. Often this benefit can be used for the reimbursement of Homeopathic services. Ask your employer. Find out more about Flexible Spending Accounts.

5. You a can pay with your Health Savings Plan.

I have written a guide to help my clients with insurance. You can see them Here. You may down load the guidelines as a PDF.


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